Meetings & Projects


Friday, February 9, 1:30-2:30 (Taylor Institute Conference Room/TI 230)

Friday, April 6, 1:30-2:30 (Taylor Institute Conference Room/TI 230)

  • TBA





Past Meetings

Fall 2016

  • Oct 3: discuss “Teaching Close Reading Skills in a Large Lecture Course” by Theresa Tinkle, Daphna Atias, Ruth M. McAdams, and Cordelia Zukerman
  • Oct 31: share close reading materials, write our individual descriptions of “close reading,” practice a close reading
  • Dec 5: discuss materials from Oct 31

Winter 2017

  • Jan 27 (TI 214): We discussed the definitions of “close reading” we’d individually written at a prior meeting, as well as how we applied that definition in a follow-up exercise. Nancy distributed copies of Digging into Literature.
  • March 3 (TI 214): Introduction to Sherry Linkon’s Literary Learning (copies c/o Morgan Vanek and Michael Ullyot). We’ll discuss the whole book at our next meeting.  Plans to propose panel for ISSOTL17.
  • March 31 (TI 214): We’ll discuss Sherry Linkon’s Literary Learning
  • April 28 (TI 214):  More on Sherry Linkon’s Literary Learning
  • May 26 (TI 230):  More on Sherry Linkon’s Literary Learning. This summer, let’s read Helen Sword‘s new book (copies c/o Faye Halpern).

Summer 2017

  • Tues, July 25 at noon:  Talk with Sherry Linkon, Literary Learning
  • Friday, August 25, noon-1 (TI 230): discuss Digging into Literature

Fall 2017

Friday, Sept 22, noon-1 (Taylor Institute Conference Room/TI 230)

Friday, October 20, noon-1 (TI 230)

Friday, November 10, noon-1 (TI 230)

  • cancelled for holiday 

Friday, December 8, noon-1 (TI 230)

  • We’ll discuss an article Faye will distribute, and we’ll each bring an assignment that “gets at their reading in preparation for writing”–to share